The Real Estate Professional and Social Media Manager’s Roles Today

The Real Estate Professional and Social

There have been discussions about the real estate professional’s role today and how it could be eliminated because of technology.  I am a firm believer this will not happen, as I also believe the cheap companies who mass produce content at a low monthly rate will not replace social media managers.  Here are some reasons why:

  1. These companies spray out content to various platforms on behalf of their clients, but that content is not unique.  It is adding more and more noise to the platforms, which doesn’t draw people in as much as it repels them.
  2. There is no engagement factor and therefore they are simply broadcasting content.
  3. The content is not unique to your voice.  Therefore, no one is able to connect on a personal basis with you or your business.
  4. You tend to blend in with the crowd and your brand is not recognized.

So are your really saving money by paying $49/mth or $99/mth?  The quicker you can look at the social media manager position as part of your real estate team the quicker you will be able to recognize this as a career and not simply an add-on service each month.  The following is an example directly relating to this point.

You arrange to meet with Bill and Linda Walker to discuss listing their San Francisco waterfront home they are selling so they can buy a horse ranch in a nearby community.  You are the first real estate broker they are interviewing and the hope is you will gain their business on both the buying and selling part of the transaction.  You start off with the fact that you work with a top notch team who over delivers in every area of real estate service.  Bill and Linda both ask at the same time, “How many are on your team and what do they each do?”

You answer quite easily. “There’s Mary, who has been with our team for 5 years now and she is a Buyer’s Agent.  She is the person who will walk the parties through the transaction when they purchase your home.”

“Amy, who is our Listing Coordinator.  She moved here from NYC a few years ago where she worked for a big real estate firm and wanted to downsize to a more personable environment. She’s the one who will be responsible for communicating with you about the status of your home once we list it. Also, she will get the print marketing out to all the right venues.”

“Sarah is our Social Media Marketer.  She’s been in the social media industry for 6 years now and knows all the in’s and out’s of getting your home the most exposure online.  She has our team on all the most popular social media platforms and has developed our team’s online presence. We are very well-known on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and even Instagram, as well as Pinterest and LInkedIn.  In fact, there are few online areas she hasn’t visited on our behalf.”

“Finally, John, who is our Escrow Coordinator and Office Manager.  He wears two hats and has been with our company the longest.  We couldn’t operate without John.”

Bill and Linda turned to each other with a smile and nodded.  They both said at the same time, “You got it!”  John further said “With that kind of representation how can we go wrong!”

They signed the papers and off you went.  That’s why a social media manager’s job is safe. That’s also why a Real Estate Professional’s job is safe as well.  There’s a lot more to both positions than meets the eye.


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3 Easy Steps To Perfect Customer Service


There will always be people you can’t please, but you should always try your best anyway.  This is really customer service 101, but if you don’t know it then you don’t know it.

Step 1: Apologize – Offer a genuine apology.


Step 2: Own it – It’s my fault and mean it.  Even if it is someone else who works for you, you contract with or whatever, it is on you because it has your name attached to it.


Step 3: Make it up to the person, but here’s the important step – ASK how you can make it up to them?  If they don’t feel like telling you then give them the moon.  You want them to walk away happy and without any ill will towards you, your company or your brand.


Most people just want those three things because you are acknowledging them and you are acknowledging their concern(s) and by making it up to them you are showing them how sorry you are.

See!  Not so painful.

What I Learned About Success Thanks To Contrast

What I Learned About Success

Contrast is needed in life because it brings clarity to what we want.  If we are ill we want health.  If we are lonely we want friends/relationships.  If we are struggling with debt we want freedom through more money or a higher income.  My contrast was with regard to business success and as you can guess I was not succeeding and my business was slipping through my fingers.

slipping through fingers

What happened was recently I had offered people a deal of $150 a month to become their social media manager.  My business had more clients than I knew what to do with and, unfortunately, not enough time with my family or even enough time in the day to keep up with the work.  I had 15 clients and some would say 15 clients at $150 a month is $2,250 – WOW!  Wow is right because it boiled down to the following:

15 clients x $150 a month = $2250

$2250 – $675 (30 percent taxes) = $1575

$1575 divided by 4 (weeks) = $393.75/week

$393.75 divided by 72 hours (# of hours a week I was working) = $5.46/hr

I was making $5.46 an hour as I was working at least 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.  This doesn’t even calculate my expenses and so it was under $5.46 an hour actually.

I was paying my Assistant from the Philippines $7.50 an hour.  Another company called MyOutdesk charges $8.60 an hour and $9.60 an hour.  These virtual assistants are also from the Philippines.

Not only was I making much less than I would like, but I had much less time with my family and much less time to spend on each client’s work individually.  My mission statement was being compromised in a big way.

Mission Statement –

Mission Statement

Something had to give because I couldn’t manage 15 clients’ Google+, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter and Pinterest Accounts and LinkedIn profiles and come up with individual content.  I don’t mean that I created the content, but what I shared was not supposed to be the same for all my clients. That’s what separates me from the $49.99 companies.  I am supposed to pay attention to my clients’ personalities, voices, locations, their audience (luxury, move up, vacation or first-time homebuyers), their brokerages and NONE of this was being done.  I didn’t have time.

It Was Time To Redirect Back To The Original Mission And Define Success –

What success means to me is being able to over-deliver on my promises to my clients.  Offer more content, engage more, boosts a few Facebook posts, add spur of the moment posts they send me and get out in front of people in real-time on their behalf.  Success also means having a balance with work, family and personal time.  Now it is time to start picking up the fallen balls.


Time To Attract And Retain Ideal Clients –

What I need to do now is begin attracting AND retain the clients I have who value the importance of online social media marketing. People who realize this job is about representing them online and not only is their business on the line, but their reputation is at stake.  The content and strategy go hand in hand and the client realizes this.  Clients who trust me as their social media advisor and seek out my knowledge just as they are sought out for their real estate knowledge.  Also, clients who know that my value is worth more than $5.46 an hour.

If you are someone who falls into the category of my ideal client and you need social media assistance, please contact me.  My service packages are on my website.  I look forward to getting to know you AND your voice, so I can properly manage your social media on your behalf when you are too busy to do so.

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Alert! Real Estate Professionals – You Do Have Options!


I’ve been reading, watching, listening and dreaming about social media and real estate marketing for 6 years now and even today I’m doing those same actions.  I read social media books, watch social media videos and webinars, listen to social media podcasts and dream about meeting the social media stars such as Katie Lance, Kim Garst, Mari Smith, Michael Stelzner, Jay Baer, Peg Fitzpatrick, and the list goes on and on.  These are the people that get it and try very hard to pass it on to us.

For some people social media is as easy as slipping into a warm bath at the end of the day.  It is connecting with people in a very natural way.  For other people it is a difficult struggle in getting in front of that video, writing that blog on a consistent basis, and trying to develop content for each platform..

The questions are endless.  What platforms should I be on?  How often should I post? What type of content should I post on Facebook and should it be different for LinkedIn?  All these questions.  The other thing is what is right and working today isn’t always the same tomorrow.  I think that’s the thing I love about it and that is it is ever changing and never boring.

If you are struggling you do have options.  Here’s a few I can think of:

1. Follow those people I mention above.  I’ve linked to their websites and so just click on their names.  Some offer classes and others offer consultations or both.  You can also gain a lot by reading their books or subscribing to their newsletters.  Kim Garst has a book out called “Will The Real You Please Stand Up” and Peg Fitzpatrick also has a book called “The Art of Social Media,” which she co-authored with Guy Kawasaki (another person to follow.)  Another one that I have to read is a book by Jay Baer and that is called Youtility.”  Definitely a great one because it is written directly for the real estate community.  Check it out when you have time.  All of the previously mentioned books will be helpful though.

2. Hire a consultant to teach you.  A good consultant can help you institute a formula which will work for you.  It’s all about meshing the social media time into your daytime activities.  It can be done, but it takes discipline and perseverance.  You just have to try and if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work because there are still further options, but at least you gave your best effort.

3. Hire a person to maintain your platforms. The biggest mistake I see is when a presence is built and then dropped.  A non-running Facebook page says what about that real estate professional to a consumer?  In my opinion, it says if this marketing format was dropped then what happens when he/she markets my home?  Think about it.  Not trying to sound harsh, but that’s a logical thought when a prospective client comes upon a Facebook page that hasn’t been posted on for over a year.  Check out Katie Lance’s “5 Quick Tips To Hiring A Social Media Manager.”

4. In-House The Job.  If you have a real estate team then give each member a social media job to be responsible for.  Have your assistant learn some of it.  It is easier if you can delegate the assignments.  Remember the saying “Delegate To Elevate?”  Who said that?  I don’t remember, but it has stuck with me because that’s something I struggle with.  I finally have hired a virtual assistant myself and she’s simply wonderful.

So the biggest step is to get started and then continue taking a step forward each day!  You can do it and I want to hear about it when you do!

Here’s What’s On My Toolbar. What’s on Yours?

Click below for links to the programs/tools I mention in the video –

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UPDATE Regarding The Social Media Classes

The month to month tutorial classes have recently change changed from a subscription fee to a flat price onetime payment.  What you get is –

  1. Unlimited lifetime access.
  2. Capability to view classes from any device.
  3. Learn from any location.
  4. On your schedule, not mine.
  5. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee.

Social Media Courses

Also, I’ve paid and am EAGERLY awaiting admission to the Virtual Social Media Marketing World’s 2015 recorded Podcasts.  This is one of the biggest annual marketing events for the public and it affords me an opportunity to learn from the most cutting edge marketers.  I will always be a student and will ALWAYS share what I learn to those who also need to know.

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