Where the Old Tried and True Method Will Take Your Career

If, when advertising, you stick to the old tried and true methods such as newspaper ads, television ads, radio ads, billboards and snail mail what you will get is not exactly what you would want.  I mean when you choose to advertise your business, your brand, yourself or your listings you are looking to capture a “lead,” or at the very least, interest in what you are sharing?  Here’s why the old tried and true methods are not performing on task as they once were.

Newspaper advertising – Newspapers are starting to lessen their dates of publication because they just don’t have the subscribers these days.  What’s replacing that?  Well, quite frankly the ereader, internet, and being able to choose off the internet the news one is interested in.

Television advertising – Television ads are not being watched and why do you think that is?  It’s because people now dvr their shows and they fast forward through those commercials.

Billboard advertising – You may get some people who saw your face on a billboard, but most people while driving are multi-tasking other things.  They aren’t paying attention to the billboards as once was the case.

Radio advertising – I would say the general population is choosing their own music and listening to it through what is called streaming.  There’s no advertising there.

Snail Mail – You all know how effective this method is and so I’m not going to really expand much upon it, but what do you do with “junk” mail you receive?


So what’s your option here and how do you move forth with this kind of cultural shift we are experiencing?  We have definitely arrived from a “push” type advertising world to a “pull” type advertising world.  What I mean by that is that a “push” campaign is when we decide what and how we are going to deliver our message or product.  A “pull” type of advertising is when the consumer is in charge and decides what advertising they care to learn more about therefore “pulling” the information towards them.

Social Media is geared towards the “pull” advertising model in that it also is allowing the consumer to take charge.  So if you are on Facebook or even Twitter, a person decides whether or not they want to hear your message by making the choice of becoming a fan in Facebook’s case or a follower in Twitter’s case.  Then once they take that action they decide if your content is being delivered in a manner that they consider interesting and engaging or boring.  If it is boring and you lose them they can decide whether to “unlike” you or “unfollow” you or “block” the content in their newsfeeds.  You either have to learn this new psychology of consumerism or pay someone who does because I can tell you the old tried, and true methods are pretty much behind the closed-door and the age of social media is what is currently the driving force in the advertising world.  This is not to say another method will not surpass it, but this is the current place the consumer resides.

One last thought is do you remember what happened to Borders when they did not pay attention to Amazon?  Further, what happened to Blockbuster when they ignored Netflix?  Just some further food for thought.



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